Blue Mountain Coffee 2015-2016 Supply Problems!

DSC01470  prides itself in providing the best quality roasted coffee to our customers at the lowest price.  Over the past 3 years finding the best quality Jamaican Blue Mountain  coffee at the lowest price is proving very difficult due to supply problems.

Jamaica is sill reeling from the severe drought experienced in Jamaica and the Blue Mountain coffee growing region. This  has  adversely affected the 2014- 2015 coffee crop and the  drought continued into 2015 -2016.  In addition,  the gowning region for Blue Mountain Coffee was affected by forest fires at the start of of the 2015/2016 crop.  This affected the farmers and  destroyed a significant number of the coffee trees.

As  a result of the many challenges, we foresee demand for Blue Mountain Coffee to  continue to outstrip supply for at least the next two to three (2-3) years. We at will continue to work with our supplies to get the best quality coffee at the most competitive price