Be Inspired : 41-year-old Olympic gymnast #rio2016

oksana chusovitina

In a sports dominated by teenagers a 41-year-old mother is competing in her 7th Olympic Games. Chusovitina was a member of Germany’s gold medal-winning team in 1992 and is in Rio to compete and inspire.

In her own words “I do a lot of mental training. I have muscle memory that my body has developed over the years. I typically put in two to two-and-a-half hours in the gym…then I visualize exactly how the skill needs to be done. I do this in my head, and when I get to the gym, all the mental preparation that I did after breakfast or just walking around, it just transfers to the gym and, if I’m vaulting, I know exactly what my body needs to be doing.”

Basically, she has been doing this for so long that she doesn’t need to go to the gym and spends hours upon hours practicing. All she needs to do to succeed is just think about it and she can get it done. 

 Chusovitina (41) has something to teach us all .. Be inspired go out there and get your goals done .. and yes age is just a number. 

Her Olympic Profile:


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