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Blue Mountain Coffee 2015-2016 Supply Problems!


TheWorldBestCoffee.com  prides itself in providing the best quality roasted coffee to our customers at the lowest price.  Over the past 3 years finding the best quality Jamaican Blue Mountain  coffee at the lowest price is proving very difficult due to supply problems.

Jamaica is sill reeling from the severe drought experienced in Jamaica and the Blue Mountain coffee growing region. This  has  adversely affected the 2014- 2015 coffee crop and the  drought continued into 2015 -2016.  In addition,  the gowning region for Blue Mountain Coffee was affected by forest fires at the start of of the 2015/2016 crop.  This affected the farmers and  destroyed a significant number of the coffee trees.

As  a result of the many challenges, we foresee demand for Blue Mountain Coffee to  continue to outstrip supply for at least the next two to three (2-3) years. We at TheWorldBestCoffee.com will continue to work with our supplies to get the best quality coffee at the most competitive price


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: Brings Special Taste for Coffee Lovers

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Millions of people around the globe deem coffee as their most excellent friend when it comes to beverage. Coffee drinkers, lovers, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, or whatever you may want to call them, most people just cannot live without it. Those with perceptive coffee flavors can really be pleased about a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It has an extremely fresh taste, with a perceptible sugariness.

Developed on the jagged and harsh Blue Mountains in Jamaica, Blue Mountain coffee has been selected as the best coffee for over two centuries. Blue Mountain coffee goes through numerous processes. To make sure that clients get value and excellence, the Jamaican coffee industry along with the government of Jamaica has legislation in place demarcating the geographical boundaries, which describe the coffee classified as Jamaican Blue Mountain®.

This is reinforced by rigid inspection of the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board that certifies production and export of Jamaican Coffee. After it is reaped & certified, the coffee is pulped and washed and then dried, cured, hulled and graded by size and separated by density. It is appealing to note that Jamaican Blue Mountain green coffee is the single coffee in the globe that is shipped in oak drums like to fine wines. The oak drums help protect and retain the inimitable uniqueness of the green coffee.

Blue Coffee Mountain also includes less caffeine than any further commercially developed coffee type with none of the coffee characteristics overpowering the other. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is like drinking the best aged whisky or wine. Because of the slightly constrained ecological range where it is grown-up, Blue Mountain is obtainable in restricted quantities and can sometimes be hard to find. So as to retain the eminent quality of this coffee, Jamaica has created the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board to manage the manufacture and processing. Nearly the entire Blue mountain coffee beans are full-fledged by small growers, rather than enormous coffee estates seen in other areas.

The Unique Blue Mountain Growing Process: The World’s Finest Coffee

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The breathtaking Blue Mountains run all the way from Port Antonio in the north down to Kingston in the South. Ideal environmental conditions are the secret for producing a coffee flavor that is rich in flavor without the noticeable bitterness as most other coffee, attracting coffee lovers from all around the world. The area in which the coffee beans grow is particularly nutrient-rich and lies within a misty and cool atmosphere.

In order to retain the prestigious “Blue Mountain” label the coffee beans must be harvested at elevations between 3000 – 5500 ft. Those beans grown between 1500 – to 3000 ft. are labeled as “High Mountain”, while those picked below 1500 ft. are “Supreme” or “Low Mountain”. Conditions are most favorable at the higher altitudes, although the peak areas and upper slopes of the mountain are preserved as a nature reserve.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has a distinctive rich flavor and smell. In comparison to other coffees, it has a lighter flavor that yields a smooth, clean taste. It must also be certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, which is constantly reviewing the growing process in order to ensure quality and to find improvement.

The Growing ProcessBlue Mountain coffee uses a proprietary wet processing technique on its coffee beans. The beans are immersed in waterjust after picking them, which makes it easier filter as bad beans float up to the top with mature beans sinking. The beans are then washed and pulped before being laid out on big tables and being raked repeatedly throughout the day. This prevents mildew from growing on the drying beans.

The Blue Mountains are actually the tallest mountain ranges in Jamaica and the Caribbean and promote a unique set of environmental conditions. These include loads of rain to water the coffee beans, very rich soil and a warm climate.

Small local farmers produce most of the beans and only a few variety exists, however, each farmer claims to have her or his own secret procedure in regards to the picking, preparing, drying and ultimately roasting the coffee beans. There are thus a number of levels that result when the coffee beans are categorized according to their size. For example, Blue Mountain No. 1 have the largest sizes of beans (17/20 screen size), No. 2 is slightly smaller (16/17) and No. 3 even smaller (15/16/17), with Peaberry being the smallest of all (10). There is also Triage coffee that offers a mix of all possible coffee bean screen sizes. In each case except for Triagecoffee, there can’t be anymore than 2% of beans withsignificant defects.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a world-class coffee that enthusiasts from all over the world can sip and love all the way up to the last drop. The time consuming and tiresome work of coffee growers in planting, picking and processing the coffee is truly astounding. Most coffee plants rely on the region’s climate where they’re grown, and this contributes to the distinguishing flavor of this unique coffee.

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